Prequalification Packages

Prequalification packages are required as part of the preliminary stage in a bidding process where it is determined if an applicant has the requisite resources and experience to complete the required job.

RFP Responses

A proposal developed in response to a request for proposal (RFP), which is a document that an organization posts to elicit bids from potential vendors for a product or service.

Letter Proposals

Letter proposals are short proposals ranging from 1 to 20 pages. They can be used to minimize competition to reduce or eliminate proposal preparation and evaluation costs. 

Unsolicited Proposals

Unsolicited proposals are not formally solicited by a potential client. They are often short and serve to draw attention to a company's strengths and capabilities, without the expense of a large and formal proposal.
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"Jeanette provided us with insight on how to write an unsolicited proposal. Her advice helped us tailor our proposal to our audience and make a great first impression. We sent the proposal to one hospital and they were sufficiently impressed that they forwarded it on to their buying group, potentially increasing our business 5-10 fold!"

                                       Miranda Minhas, Chief Operating Officer
Rx Advanced Clinical Concepts
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