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Proposals, RFP Responses & Pre-qualification Packages

•  write solicited and unsolicited proposal letters
•  coordinate responses to requests for proposals (RFP)
•  address all questions in the RFP by providing thorough and persuasive answers
•  write required proposal components including cover letters, executive summaries and technical material
•  work with managers, engineers, technical specialists to gather content and coordinate responses
•  conduct meetings to begin the proposal process, keep it on track and successfully complete it
•  develop graphs, charts and diagrams to enhance the descriptive value of the proposal
•  consolidate all responses into a single seamless document with a strong persuasive message
•  ensure the proposal content meets all the RFP specifications and amendments
•  final edits and formatting to prepare proposal for its final submission to the proponent

Business Writing  

•  develop company policies, technical documents and procedures
•  develop professional resumes and organization charts to present a company's project team
•  develop examples of completed work and projects to showcase an organization's experience
•  reword technical information for comprehensible inclusion into documents
•  format and proofread to enhance and improve existing documents
•  develop or modify website content for maximum online effectiveness

Graphic Design

•  create graphic design elements for websites 
•  create promotional packages and marketing material
•  create brochures and promotional material of various shapes and sizes
•  create advertisements for newspapers, magazines and online placements


JDS Proposals offers the professional proposal writing services required to prepare persuasive and competitive proposals. We work closely with our experts to develop proposals that will meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Rest easy, while we develop your proposal for you.